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Treatment Video

Lucid Q-PTP laser for acne toning _ Dr. Contessa
BISON MEDICAL 2018-12-05
Pigmented Lesions Treatment (Dual Accento)
BISON MEDICAL 2018-01-29
Carbon Peeling Treatment with LUCID QY
BISON MEDICAL 2017-12-01
Carbon Peeling Treatment with LUCID Q-PTP
BISON MEDICAL 2017-09-27
LUCID QY & Copper Bromide (Laser Toning)
BISON MEDICAL 2013-11-07
CYMA Dental Laser Applications Videos
BISON MEDICAL 2017-06-23
More-Xel(Scanner type) - 10,600nm Fractional CO₂ laser
BISON MEDICAL 2015-09-02

[Seminar Video] Philippines workshop 2013 of Copper Bromide Laser and More-Xel Scanning
BISON MEDICAL 2013-08-22
Copper Bromide laser Treatment
BISON MEDICAL 2017-06-21
Hand Rejuvenation by Fraction CO2 Laser More-Xel Scanning
BISON MEDICAL 2017-04-28
LUCID Q PTP Carbon Peeling Treatment by Dr. Contessa (Doctor in Philippine)
BISON MEDICAL 2017-04-12
ACCENTO - 755nm/1064nm Long pulsed Laser
BISON MEDICAL 2016-12-29

Copper Bromide - Dual Yellow 578nm / Green 511nm Laser
BISON MEDICAL 2015-09-11

RUBY Laser(RubyStar)_694nm Q-Switched Ruby
BISON MEDICAL 2015-09-11

Method CLACS by Nd:Yag laser More-Xel Dual Lumiere (Long Pulse)
BISON MEDICAL 2017-04-28
LUCID QY - 1064nm, 532nm Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser
BISON MEDICAL 2015-08-31

CYMA Dental - 10,600nm CO₂ surgical laser (Gingival Hyperplasia)
BISON MEDICAL 2015-08-30

Aphrodite - 10,600nm Fractional CO₂ laser for Vaginal applicator
BISON MEDICAL 2015-08-25

LUCID LY - Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser (hair removal)
BISON MEDICAL 2015-06-18

Copper Bromide Before & after (Nov. 2013)
BISON MEDICAL 2013-11-11
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